Supply List

Arbutus Middle School

General Supply List for

Grades 6, 7, & 8


*2” – 3” binder                                   *dividers (pocket dividers preferable)

*loose leaf paper                                *several pens (blue/black ink only)

*several #2 pencils                             *erasers

*pencil pouch                                      *red pen

*2 marble composition books            *highlighters

*glue sticks                                         *2 - 3 boxes of tissues

*colored pencils                                  *hand-held pencil sharpener with holder for shavings

*reinforcements                                 *2 two-pocket folders with prongs

*3 x 5 index cards (at home)              *non-permanent markers (at home)

*2GB Flash Drive                                 *1 Pair of Ear Buds


Art students

*1 thick and 1 thin Sharpie or comparable permanent marker 

*1 pack of colored pencils (12 count)

*Spiral sketch pad (9 x 12 or 8.5 x 11)


Note to AMS Families:

*Please replenish all supplies regularly.

*Students should also have access to a quiet work station at home with adequate supplies to complete home assignments.

*During the first week of school, individual teachers may require some additional supplies. 


AMS Student Agenda

The Arbutus Middle School PTA generously purchases an agenda for all AMS students at the beginning of the school year.  The purpose of this school wide tool is to prepare our students as they learn to organize assignments and plan long term projects.  The agenda is also the student hall pass, a reference for class and for the school policies, rules and procedures.  All students must carry an agenda for the entire school year.  Lost agendas must be replaced by the student.  Replacements can be purchased in the office for $10.