2019-2020 Student Device Information

2019-2020 Student Device Updates
Posted on 09/03/2019
Student Device InformationParents/Students,
In order to streamline the process of passing out student devices this school year, it has been decided by BCPS that parents and students no longer need to sign and return the Student Device Loan And Agreement Form that was required previous school years.  All AMS students will be issued a student device during the second week of the school year.  The planned distribution schedule by grade level is listed below.

Grade 8 - Devices will be distributed on Tues Sept 10

Grade 7 - Devices will be distributed on Wed Sept 11

Grade 6 - Devices will be distributed on Thur Sept 12

Please read the Parent Technology Update letter provided by BCPS for full details of the changes for this school year.

All students will be issued a device during the distribution process and the device will need to be used to access the BCPS curriculum.  If you have concerns about your child bringing the device home, you can contact Mr. Whitby via email ( and request a Student Device Loan and Home Use Opt-Out Form.  If you choose to opt-out please understand that your child will still be issued a device and will use it during the school day.  The only change for them is that they would not bring the device home.  

Lastly, this school year each classroom has a device charging cart capable of charging 30 devices at once.  It is recommended that students leave their charger at home so they do not lose or misplace the charger during the school year.  If they need to charge their device during the school day, each classroom is equipped to provide that charging capacity.