Remote Learning Updates

2020-2021 Remote Learning Updates
Remote Learning InformationBCPS Meal Distribution
Baltimore County Public Schools will provide meals, at no cost, to all children ages 2-18.  Please see the Meal Distribution Schedule for days, locations, and times in your area. 

Teacher and Student Meeting Schedules
We will implement a four period, A/B meeting schedule for our students for the entire school year.  Please read the Parent Letter explaining the rational for the schedule in more detail.  

Please see the attached AMS A-day B-day schedule for the Second Semester of the school year.  The schedule has been revised to include some Wednesday days of instruction during short weeks due to teacher professional development or holidays. 

Parent and Student Orientation Meetings
Students and parents will have the opportunity to meet with your homeroom teachers on Friday September 4th to discuss the upcoming school year.  Please read the Parent and Student Orientation Meeting Flyer for more details.  

Student Back To School Orientation PPT - Students please view the PPT if you were unable to attend the orientation virtually with your teacher on Friday Sept. 4th.

Parent Back To School Orientation PPT - Parents please view the PPT if you were unable to attend the orientation virtually with your child's teacher on Friday Sept. 4th.

Student Usernames and Passwords
All students should have the same username and password that they used last school year.  Due to the transition to virtual learning, the BCPS Office of Technology did not change any login information for students over the summer.  If your child cannot remember their username and password from last school year, please email Mr. Whitby at and request that information.  In your request please include your child's first and last name and the grade level they will be in this school year. 


AMS Remote Learning Resources - Students who are new to BCPS or Arbutus Middle should start with this document.  This six page document contains helpful information about the school virtual schedule, accessing Schoology, accessing Google Meet, and other resources.  Helpful videos are included on many common tasks.  

If you need technology support for your student's device or if you need a replacement device because your student device is not working, please follow the information on the PARENT/STUDENT TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT handout.  The quickest way to get service is to call the BCPS help desk at 443-809-4672.

My Charger is Lost or Broken - BCPS will mail out a replacement charger one time free of charge.  Parents will have to call the help desk 443-809-4672 and provide their mailing address for BCPS to mail the charger.  Parents also have the option to purchase their own charger.  If you purchase your own charger, BCPS WILL NOT REIMBURSE THE COST.  

Affordable Home Internet Service - Verizon offers a program for low-income families called Internet Essentials to help families gain access to low-cost reliable Internet Service.  If you are eligible for free and reduced lunches or any other public assistance you may qualify.  

Chromebook Information for Middle School Students - Instructions are provided for using a Chromebook issued by BCPS if you had one mailed to you during our time in online learning.  

Chromebook - Connecting to Home WiFi Instructions

Chromebook Troubleshooting Camera and Microphone Issues Handout - Instructions are provided for troubleshooting the most common microphone and camera issues on student Chromebooks.

HP Revolve Student Devices Microphone Fixes - Instructions are provided to show step-by-step how to unmute your microphone on an HP Revolve.

Google Chrome Sync(How to Turn On Sync) - If you are experiencing issues accessing Google Meet, Jamboard, Google Drive, or other resources your Google Account Sync may be paused or turned off.  Follow the instructions in this video to turn sync ON.  This may also fix any proxy server pop ups or errors that you receive.  

Google Meet Login Directions for Students - This document is a one page flyer that shows students the correct way to log into Google Chrome and Google Meets.  Do Not Use the sample nickname on the flyer it is for illustration purposes only and will not work.  The Google Meet nicknames follow the naming convention AMSTEACHERLASTNAME in all capital letters.  So for example, if you have Mrs. Aaron, her Google Meet Nickname would be AMSAARON.  All of your teachers will have this Google Meet Nickname information on your class Schoology Page for each course you are enrolled.

How to Use Google Meet - Directions for parents and students on how to use the different features of the Google Meet platform.

How to Install Google Meet on Your Cell Phone - Instructions for parents to accept Google Meet calls from their teachers AND directions to install the Google Meet app on an Android or iOS phone.

Kurzweil Read The Web - Instructions on how to activate Kurzweil in Google Chrome are provided.  Kurzweil will read text from the web out loud.