Washing Student Device Bags

Device Bags Can Be Washed By Students
Posted on 04/03/2019
Washing makes bags happy!Student device bags are provided by BCPS in order to provide uniform protection to the HP devices that are issued to students.  During the course of a school year, it is quite possible that the bags will begin to look a little dirty and would benefit from a good cleaning.

We have been advised by the Office of Technology that it is OK to wash the bags in the washing machine.  It is recommended that the bag be washed by itself using the cold water setting and the delicate cycle if possible. 

We have also been advised that the bags "Should Not" be placed in the dryer because there are materials on the bag that could melt.  Instead, the bag should be allowed to air dry.  Since air drying takes a little longer, it would probably work best if the bag is washed on Friday and allowed to air dry over the weekend so that it is completely dry before placing the computer and charger back in the bag.  

Please consider washing your student device bag at the beginning of the school year and throughout the school year as needed.