Technology Support Documents

Technology Support Documents
Remote Learning Information

If you need technology support for your student's device or if you need a replacement device because your student device is not working, please follow the information on the PARENT/STUDENT TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT handout.  The quickest way to get service is to call the BCPS help desk at 443-809-4672.

My Charger is Lost or Broken -If a charger is broken, students can exchange their broken charger for a working one with Mr. Whitby at no charge.  If a student has lost their charger then they currently have four options available (see below). 

  1. If they have a Nintendo Switch at home (or any device that has a USB-C Charger like a cell phone or other electronic), they can use that to charge their device as a temporary solution. 
  1. Students need to either call the help desk 4438094672 or place an online ticket to let the tech office know they have lost their charger and need a replacement.  The technology office will send a replacement charger along with a bill for $40. 
  1. Ask a friend to let them use their charger during class to charge their device.  

  1. Students can purchase a replacement charger from Amazon.  It is actually cheaper than getting it from BCPS (about $12 from amazon).  


Affordable Home Internet Service - Verizon offers a program for low-income families called Internet Essentials to help families gain access to low-cost reliable Internet Service.  If you are eligible for free and reduced lunches or any other public assistance you may qualify.  

Chromebook - Connecting to Home WiFi Instructions

Chromebook Troubleshooting Camera and Microphone Issues Handout - Instructions are provided for troubleshooting the most common microphone and camera issues on student Chromebooks.
Kurzweil Read The Web - Instructions on how to activate Kurzweil in Google Chrome are provided.  Kurzweil will read text from the web out loud.